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Zayn Malik on drugs? Nope, it was worse

It was big news in One Direction land when Zayn Malik missed a performance on the Today show. After one-fifth of 1D didn’t show up, Matt Lauer began asking questions — mostly about unfounded rumors that Malik may have been on drugs.

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Matt Lauer started a commotion among 1D fans after starting some rumors during the band’s Today show appearance, asking, “Is it something more serious than a minor illness? There have been rumors of substance abuse. What’s going on?”

But Malik showed back up for One Direction’s appearance in Orlando on Tuesday night, Nov. 18 and Liam Payne explained that he had a “tummy bug.” But Louis Tomlinson was apparently a little less discreet and explained the real reason (or, at least, the more TMI reason) Malik missed the big gig.

“He’s got a poo problem,” Tomlinson told E! News. “And that’s the truth and he’s really not gonna like me saying that.

“Obviously, this is the biggest day of our year for our album, we’ve worked so hard on it,” Tomlinson continued. “He’ll make a speedy recovery, I’m sure.”

Luckily, Tomlinson did not elaborate on exactly what he meant by the poo comment (thank goodness), but Malik appears to be back to his normal self, joining the group for their U.S. tour. But before the tour, the group talked about their recent royal engagement — when they met with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“That was so amazing doing the Royal Variety in the U.K. the other day and then obviously we got to do the Band Aid thing this week, which is for a great cause, with Bono,” Payne told the Today show hosts. “It was so, so good. So good. And we can’t believe we get to be around such music legends.”

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He added, “I got sweaty palms and, obviously, you have to do all the handshaking so I was, like, trying not to get sweaty.”

One Direction’s worldwide tour kicks off in February in Australia.

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