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Bono won’t be back on stage any time soon — check out his list of injuries

Bono must be a daredevil on a bicycle, because the injuries he sustained in a bike crash in New York City’s Central Park late last week are way more serious than we expected.

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The U2 front man broke his arm in six places and fractured his eye socket, hand and shoulder blade, the BBC reports. He’s already undergone two surgeries at New York’s Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and he still faces a long recovery.

According to the BBC, Bono needed a five-hour surgery on Sunday to repair his arm with three metal plates and 18 screws. The following day, he reportedly had surgery on his left hand.

Bono’s orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich, said a full recovery is expected, but only after extensive physical therapy. Nobody has said anything yet about how long that recovery might take, but based on the level of the injuries reported, it’s probably safe to bet it will be a while before Bono is back on stage.

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We already knew that Bono was injured after his band announced they would have to postpone their Tonight Show residency because Bono had “injured his arm in a cycling spill.”

But calling it a cycling spill made it sound like it wasn’t such a big deal. We were surprised to learn the extent of the rocker and humanitarian’s injuries.

In a statement, the hospital said Bono had been involved in “a high-energy bicycle accident when he attempted to avoid another rider,” so we hope the other rider is OK.

As for the weeklong Tonight Show residency that was supposed to happen this week, Bono’s bandmates say it will still happen, but they don’t know when.

“We’re sure he’ll make a full recovery soon, so we’ll be back!” Bono’s bandmates, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr., said in a statement.

U2 front man Bono won’t be cycling in Central Park again any time soon

We hope Bono makes a quick recovery after what must have been a scary accident!

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