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Jason Isbell just outed The Voice for making a huge mistake

NBC and The Voice reached out to a talented singer online, encouraging him to audition for the show. Sounds like the dream, right?

Well, not when you’re critically acclaimed and award-winning singer-songwriter, Jason Isbell.

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So, you can only imagine his surprise when he received an e-mail from an NBC talent producer, encouraging him to audition for the reality singing competition.

“I came across Jason Isbell online and was hoping to chat with him about auditioning for us [The Voice] if it’s something that interests him?” the e-mail from the unnamed producer read.

Not only was Jason Isbell awarded the title of the American Music Association’s Artist of the Year, he’s played over 120 shows this year and has a solo album that was in the Top 40 during its first week of release, according to Rolling Stone.

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Isbell’s response? To tweet out a snapshot of the e-mail to his more than 70,000 followers on Twitter with a nice message saying, “My audition on The Voice will be a solo vocal and French horn rendition of ‘Oh Comely’ by Neutral Milk Hotel. I will wear a #bikini.”

OK, OK, so we would pay good money to see Isbell play at a normal concert, but we would pay extra to see this performance. The Voice should seriously consider the offer. Maybe they can make it up to the singer by offering him a slot as the celebrity guest during one of their shows on the upcoming season?

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Sure, he’s not the biggest “name” talent in the music industry, but you’d think The Voice would be doing a little more research into potential contestants aside from simply scanning YouTube. If they had taken the time to google his name, they would have realized who he was.

Mistakes happen. But this is one we can definitely laugh about. Isbell seems to be taking it all in good humor, too. Although, we really hope he’s serious about that bikini performance. We can dig it.

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