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Orphan declines Kim Kardashian’s adoption offer and her reason is inspiring

There are many kids who wish that their mom was Kim Kardashian, but one Thai orphan turned down the reality TV star’s offer to adopt her, and the reason why is truly incredible.

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When the Kardashian clan visited Thailand in April, Kim paid a visit to a children’s home in Thailand’s poverty-stricken Phang Nga province, which is where she met and fell in love with one of the girls there, a 13-year-old called Pink.

According to the Daily Mail, Pink and the mom of one immediately bonded during the visit, and when the young girl found out that Kardashian wanted to adopt her she was incredibly excited, although she decided to reject her offer because she wants to help rebuild her country.

Everyone wants to have a different or a better life, I suppose. But when I thought about it I realized it wouldn’t be good for me, because I would have to leave so much behind. I wasn’t ready for that,” Pink, whose real name is Laddawan Tong-Keaw, said.

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“When I found out she wanted to adopt me, I was shaking. I was so excited. It would be such a change of life for me. When she came here, it seemed as if I was the first one she looked at and smiled at. We had a connection straight away. I think she is really pretty and she has a very nice personality,” Pink explained.

According to the Daily Mail, Pink is a very studious and bright young girl who found herself at the orphanage because her mother was too poor to care for her or fund her education. When she finishes school, Pink plans to attend university and then work in Thailand as either a tour guide or a teacher.

“I want to help my country,” she said. “I want people to come and learn about Thailand and understand more about my country. That is why I am thinking of being a tour guide.”

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And although she will not be adopted by Kardashian, she does hope to see her again, as well as Kanye West and baby North.

“I would like to see her again one day if it’s possible. But not just Kim — I’d like to meet her husband and her daughter as well. I’d like to meet the whole family.”

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