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Justin Bieber is committing two weeks of his life to God — and only God

Justin Bieber has forged a new relationship, but it isn’t with whom or what you may think. The troubled singer has decided to give God a try as a form of rehab to give up weed and alcohol.

Handing over two weeks of his otherwise wild and party-filled life, Bieber has checked in to the Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs where he will be closely watched by a pastor as he attempts to become a better Christian.

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This new and improved Bieber is reportedly not giving up his vices to impress on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, but instead he really wants to be a better man for God. He’s already been seen at the resort hanging out on a couch with the book Occupy All Streets next to him, Cambio reported. The tome apparently teaches one to “resist bad temptations” and spread the word of God.

While this new godly retreat may come as a surprise to some, Bieber has actually been giving several hints about becoming more faithful. He’s attended many religious services lately accompanied by none other than Gomez and Kendall Jenner — yep, looks like the scandalous reality star is into church. Who knew?

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Meanwhile, Bieber’s close friends and family are happy that he has distanced himself from bad influences as well as from heavy drinking and drugs, even if it is just for two weeks. Hopefully these few days will put some sense into the young Canadian’s big head and bring him back to more humble territory.

Bieber is actually no stranger to religion, as he’s been seen going to church and prayer groups before. However, he always seems to return to his bad-boy ways in a matter of days or even hours after he apparently goes to pray. Will this time be any different? We certainly hope so, as the “Boyfriend” singer has slowly been spiraling out of control in the last couple of years and definitely needs the help.

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