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Idina Menzel, Michael Bublé create the cutest Christmas video on the web

It’s getting very close to the holiday season so Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé came up with a totally cute video to get you into the cold-weather spirit.

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The video stars two adorable kids that sing the lyrics with vocals from Menzel and Bublé as they dance around together in a luxury hotel lobby. The cute tykes match the singers’ cues to perfection as well as just being way too cute. The song was also edited to be more kid-friendly and the results are not even noticeable.

To make it suitable for the younger audience, the tweaked song replaced lyrics such as, “I ought to say no no sir / Mind if I move in closer,” with, “I ought to get home for dinner / Mind if I move in closer.”

Other replacements include, “Well maybe just a half drink more / Put some records on while I pour,” with “Well maybe just a soda pop more / Put some records on while I pour” and “But maybe just a cigarette more / Never such a blizzard before,” with “But maybe just another dance more / Never such a blizzard before.”

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The kids are shown throughout most of the video, but Menzel and Bublé make an appearance via a mirror image as the kids check out how they look while they sing. While it’s a short peek, you can get a good look at a scruffy Bublé, who is looking quite hot, while Menzel appears super-gorgeous in a shiny cocktail dress. Other than this quick peek at the singers as adults, the rest of the video showcases only kids playing the parts of other guests and workers at the swanky hotel.

If you can’t get enough of Bublé singing holiday cheer, you can see and hear him during his NBC TV special Christmas in New York on Wednesday, Dec. 17. He will also be joined by big stars such as Barbra Streisand and Ariana Grande. Meanwhile, Menzel features her duet from the video on her Holiday Wishes album that was released last month.

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You can watch the super-cute video below — it’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit whether you want to be or not!

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