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Charles Manson’s getting hitched, but it won’t be a fairy-tale affair

The world was shocked to hear that Charles Manson isn’t letting a life sentence stop him from getting hitched to a much younger woman — but their nuptials are not going to be a fairy-tale affair.

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As previously reported, the convicted mass murder is all set to marry 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton next month, who now goes by the name of Star, a moniker that was given to her by her future husband.

So, if you were wondering what a convicted murder’s wedding would look like, we have all the details for you. According to TMZ, Manson will be able to kiss his bride after they say their “I do’s,” but they will never be able to consummate their marriage or even get past second base for that matter (Manson will not get conjugal visits).

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Officials from the California Department of Corrections told the gossip site that the prison wedding will take place next month at the Corcoran State Prison, and although there will be no time limit on the first kiss, prison officials will cut it before it becomes too raunchy.

Will Manson be restrained during the ceremony? Apparently not, and he will be able to hold his blushing bride’s hand during their big day. But according to TMZ, there will be no wedding tux involved (he’ll get hitched in his inmate uniform), and the catering options are very, very limited.

The meal will apparently be catered by vending machines, according to TMZ, and the couple are allowed to invite up to 10 guests who are not inmates, but one of those guests will not be the bride’s mother!

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According to the New York Post, Manson’s fiancée’s mother, Melissa Burton, told them she will not be attending.

“It’s not that kind of a wedding… She knows how we feel about it. If I could choose a life for my daughter, I’d choose a normal one,” she told the publication.

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