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U2 and 3 other Jimmy Fallon impressions better than the original (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon’s musical numbers have become a highlight of his show.

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Arguably, the best ones are when Fallon imitates other musicians — enough so that Fallon’s earned a reputation for spot-on impressions.

U2 fans have probably heard by now that the planned weeklong U2 residency on The Tonight Show had to be postponed after frontman, Bono, injured himself in a Central Park cycling accident, but any fans who may have been disappointed were treated to the next-best thing: Fallon pretending to be Bono. His rendition of “Desire,” backed up by his house band, The Roots, is so perfect, you can close your eyes and pretend it’s the real U2.

And that isn’t the only celebrity impression Fallon has nailed on his show. When one of his writers suggested he sing classic TV themes as folk singers, Fallon was immediately on board with a hilarious impression of Neil Young singing a folksy version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme.

And later, Fallon did it again with the theme from the ’80s sitcom, Charles In Charge — in the style of Bob Dylan.

But before those, Fallon was already known for one of his most classic performances: ’90s grunge punk outfit, Pearl Jam. Fallon did a parody of the Pearl Jam song, “Jeremy,” at the height of “Linsanity,” when everyone was a fan of NBA star, Jeremy Lin. The video predates the age of immediate, hi-def YouTube uploads, but despite the poor quality, Fallon’s performance is perfect.

And, just for kicks, check out the video below of an interview featuring a roundup of all of Fallon’s favorite celebrity musical impressions over the years.

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Are there any great Fallon impressions that we missed? Tell us your favorite in the comments.

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