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Anna Kendrick’s 20 best tweets, including that one about 50 Shades

Anna Kendrick proves time and time again just how amazingly hilarious she is by saying things we’re all thinking. And, thanks to social media, we can categorize all these thoughts into one perfect place for your reading pleasure. Not gonna lie, I read these tweets and wondered if there will ever be a day I’m lucky enough to be so clever. One can hope. In the meantime, enjoy!

10 Things you don’t know about Anna Kendrick

1. On living on the edge:

2. On being single:

3. On Harry Potter (if you don’t get this one, I pity you):

4. On cooking magazines:

5. On Instagram filters:

Anna Kendrick’s new role required drinking on set

6. On her sense of style:

7. On dieting:

8. On her day-to-day activities:

9. On getting older:

10. On fan love:

11. On Flash updates:

Anna Kendrick ups fave star status by attending WWE event

12. On Presidents’ Day:

13. On the holidays:

14. On that eternal phone-versus-text dilemma:

15. On delicious, delicious snacks:

16. On your computer judging you:

17. On being “just like us”:

18. On being a creepy fangirl:

19. On future career paths:

20. On Fifty Shades of Grey:

Oh, trust us, we didn’t forget the Fifty Shades tweet. We just saved the best for last.

And, no, I did not get bored reading through hundreds of Kendrick’s tweets to find the best. If you’ve got an afternoon to kill, I highly recommend it.

Which tweet is your favorite?

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 3/24/2016

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