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Supernatural‘s Misha Collins teases major midseason finale story

Misha Collins gives us the deets on what’s to come for Castiel as Supernatural heads toward its last episode before going on winter hiatus.

SheKnows got the chance to chat with Collins at the recent Supernatural convention in Burbank, California. First up, he talked about his reaction to the show’s 200th episode. In the High School Musical-themed episode, Collins’ character was played by a young girl who sang a song that fans are still humming a week later.

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“I didn’t like it at all because I feel like she upstaged me,” Collins joked about the episode. “She was cuter, she was a better singer she really had everything that I don’t have. It made me feel like an old, washed-up loser. I never wanted to see her face again.

“No, I thought she was fantastic. She was great,” Collins reassured.

In the Season 4 episode “The Rapture,” fans learned that Castiel possessed a man named Jimmy Novak. The devout Christian allowed the angel to use his body as a vessel, but when Castiel was called back to heaven, Jimmy suddenly found himself back in charge of his own body. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were also surprised to learn that Castiel’s vessel was a man with a wife and daughter.

As it turns out, Jimmy’s daughter, Claire, will be playing a major part in the upcoming midseason finale. When Jimmy was injured and nearly dying, Castiel temporary possessed Claire. But Jimmy didn’t want his daughter to suffer as a vessel and begged Castiel to take him back instead. Nothing has been seen or heard of Claire since.

“It’s going to be a great little arc,” Collins teased. “I don’t even know how little the arc is or how big it is. We, so far, are doing two episodes that focus [on Claire.] It’s the midseason finale and midseason premiere. Those two episodes are going to focus on, not exclusively, but a big centerpiece of those episodes is going to be the relationship between Claire and Cas.”

Collins also said that there might be more episodes with Claire to come in the future. “I think and I hope that there’s more to come. It’s not immediate after [the episodes], but I think that there looks like there’s more possibility there. It’s gonna be cool, I think.”

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As for the relationship that appears to be developing between Castiel and Hannah, Collins could only say, “There’s more to come. I’ll tell you that.”

Another big story line this season has been the fact that Castiel’s borrowed grace was running out of juice. He was ready to die, but before that happened, Crowley snagged some grace from another angel and gave Castiel some more time. Replacing one borrowed grace with another is kind of like plugging a dam with your finger, so it makes one wonder how long it will be before that one runs out, too.

“It’s not such a big issue right now,” Collins said about Castiel’s replacement grace. “It’s not that big of an issue through at least I think [Episode] 14. His new, surrogate grace is doing just fine so he’s not imminently confronted with his own demise, so it’s not a big issue at the moment.”

So what is the big issue Castiel will be facing? “We’re more focused on removing the Mark from Dean, because that is posing a problem for Dean,” Collins said.

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Considering the things that the Mark has already done to Dean and made him do, it’s frightening to think what other kinds of problems it could be causing. Here’s hoping Sam and Castiel can work together to get Dean fixed up and back to his normal self.

Supernatural airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on The CW.

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