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Tracy Morgan’s lawyers reveal heartbreaking details on his condition

Tracy Morgan may have survived the horrific crash that killed his mentor five months ago, but his life will never be the same.

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Although Morgan has been seen out and about lately and looks to be making steps towards recovery from the June accident that involved the limo bus he was riding in and a Walmart big rig, lawyers are now sadly saying that Morgan just isn’t getting better.

Morgan’s counsel, Benedict Morelli, revealed in a Tuesday court proceeding that in addition to a broken leg, nose and ribs, Morgan also suffered a traumatic brain injury, according to the Associated Press via Yahoo Celebrity.

“He’s fighting to get better and if there’s a chance for him to get back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he’s going to try to do that,” Morelli said. “But we just don’t know because of the severity of the injuries that he sustained and the fact that he had such a severe brain injury.”

The accident left Morgan in the hospital and a rehab facility for over a month and, although he was released in July, doctors warned that he had a long road ahead of him. Morelli says that, now, they still don’t really know just what is going on with Morgan’s condition. “When you have a traumatic brain injury, it takes a very long time to find out how you are going to do and how much you are going to recover,” the lawyer said. “You just don’t know. So that’s where he is. He’s still fighting and trying to live his life and at the same time trying to get better, and he’s just not better. We’re hoping and praying to get him back where he was. But the jury is out.”

Morelli’s comments came while he appeared before a judge at a scheduling conference in Morgan’s lawsuit against Walmart Stores Inc. Walmart has fired back, saying that Morgan and the other victims are partly at fault for their own injuries because they failed to wear seat belts.

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