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How David Beckham unknowingly caused a mother to put her baby at risk

Would you risk the life of your child to get a once-in-a-lifetime picture of David Beckham? Well, one fan seemed willing to do whatever it took to get a picture of her idol when the soccer star was on his Asian tour.

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Last week, Beckham was on an Asian tour to promote his new brand of whiskey and, when in Vietnam, he was shocked by the lengths a fan went to to get his picture.

Taking to his Facebook page, the star shared a picture of a woman trying to take a picture of him while on her scooter. The problem with this picture? The woman is driving the scooter trying to take a picture of Beckham and not paying attention to the road, all with an infant between her knees.

Since posting the photo, it has received over 18,500 comments and there have been some pretty mixed reactions from fans about the image.

Most fans have responded in an angry manner and have blasted the woman for being reckless. One user commented on the picture, saying, “The picture of Beckham is worth more than the life of her beloved baby!!! Oh Vietnam!!!”

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Other comments range from “What’s wrong with her? Stupid woman,” and “The baby’s life is in her hands,” and “It’s normal practice over here, so many kids killed on bikes and cars by their parents’ disregard for their safety and well-being,” to attacking Beckham personally.

One angry user wrote, “While this looks unsafe it is common practice in Asia. What strikes me as funny is the fact you were here promoting Whisky (which is the number 1 killer of Asians. So really. Whose the bad one (sic)?”

But not everyone feels negatively about the picture and some fans have justified the woman’s behavior.

“Hats off for this Multitasking mom.. unsafe? risk? opportunity? it’s all part of life. A family of 4-6 on motorcycle without helmet in these part of the world is normal (sic). Some of you need to get off your high horses and get out of your luxury cocoon,” one user wrote.

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Another said, “Oh dont worry Beck.,,, Vietnamese r expert about this!!! hahaha (sic).”

According to the Daily Mail, since this picture has been published, the traffic department is getting involved and the publication reports that an article in the Phap Luat newspaper has quoted the chief of Hanoi’s [capital of Vietnam] traffic police as saying that the woman could face a fine of 300,000 dong (which calculates to roughly $15) for not wearing a helmet and for using her mobile phone while driving.

And one fan thinks Beckham should foot the bill, “Yes…thats not safe! but if she is fined now by the traffic department just becoz you published this in FB….it would be nice if you send her the money. after all she is a big fan (sic)!” he wrote.

We’d love to know what you think of this image, let us know in the comments below!

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