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9 Hidden gems on Spotify you’ll wish you knew about sooner

Sure, you spend a lot of time scrolling through Spotify to listen to your new favorite song or that old one-hit wonder you haven’t heard it a while. But, Spotify can do so much more than just create a basic playlist. Check out these other cool tricks.

1. Get the lyrics in Spotify

Wanna make sure you’re nailing all the words while pretending to be Yoncé in the bedroom?
Navigation bar > APPS > “Tune Wiki!”

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2. Listen privately

You should know this, but it seems a bunch of you still don’t. Please, spare your friends the feed alerts when you’re having a moment with Mariah. It’s an option under the “File” drop-down menu. Or, want to make that a permanent decision? File > Preferences > uncheck both boxes in the “Privacy” section.

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3. Listen to audiobooks

Yeah. This blew our minds, too. Just search the book you want to listen to and, if it exists on Spotify, it will show up.

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4. Control your mood

Navigation bar > APPS > Moodagent

Bringing a hottie home after the third date? Set your mood to sensual and let Moodagent pick the tunes. Need to wallow in your loss? Find the song that most demonstrates all your feels, drop it into Moodagent and they’ll find similarly moody songs.

5. Collaborate on playlists

Don’t let one person bogart your road trip mix. Before you head out, start a playlist, right-click on the title and select “Collaborative Playlist” and let everyone toss in their favorite jams. Just hit “shuffle” and go.

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6. Learn a language

Need to pick up a language fast? Search “learn French” or any other language and behold: hundreds of language tutorials to help you get a grasp on German, Spanish or even Arabic.

7. Make money/build confidence in your sleep

Want to see something truly terrifying/cool? Use the Spotify search bar to search for “Learn in sleep.” There’s a whole line of listening products to play while you sleep that will help you pump up your ego, build a better bank account and even amp up your sex appeal. Have fun with that, y’all!

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8. Do more specific searches

Really want to listen to just one album in the Smashing Pumpkins’ massive discography? Try searching “album:gish artist:the smashing pumpkins.” Only like pre-plastic surgery Michael Jackson? Go with “Michael Jackson year:1980-1988.” Just remember not to put a space after the colon.

9. Let him know exactly how you feel

That one line in that one song that perfectly nails your feelings? Right-click on the song > copy HTTP link, then paste the link into an email. If the perfect part starts at 1:45, add %231:45 to the end of the URL and when he clicks the link, the song will start at that moment. You can do the same thing with URLs by using the hashtag instead. (#1:45)

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You’re welcome!

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