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Scout Willis stirs up feminism debate by not shaving her armpits (PHOTO)

Scout Willis is doing a great job of praising her feminism, but some may feel a bit grossed-out by her armpit hair photo.

It really doesn’t make much sense that women are expected to shave their leg and armpit hair while men can just grow a jungle and look all the more masculine. But, for whatever reason, that’s how it is and when we see female armpit hair, most of us just tend to get the ickies.

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However, Willis didn’t seem to care about that when she posted a gorgeous photo of herself on Twitter doing some amazing aerial acrobatics that showed her armpit hair in all its glory. And we say good for her. But still, no matter what, her photo is going to instigate some comments and debate, some of which may not be positive.

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Granted, Willis is free to shave her hair or not shave her hair. It is her hair. But, that doesn’t mean that others can’t have an opinion on it, especially when she posts the photo for thousands of people to see. It’s awesome that she is standing up for what she believes and has no shame in breaking the mold, but Willis shouldn’t be shocked if people voice opinions on her photo.

As expected, there are many responses to Willis’ now-controversial picture; some may be negative or rude, while others applaud her. That’s great; it’s a good debate.

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But, to the Twitter user that asked, “How did Scout’s underarms become anyone, but Scout’s business?” we say: When she decided to post a photo of them to her more than 67,000 followers on social media, that’s when.

It’s everyone’s right to do what they want with their bodies and post whatever photos of themselves they please. But, they shouldn’t get offended by comments people make when they share personal photos with them, because it is also everyone’s right to say what they think.

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