Kendall Jenner reveals her parents’ divorce really ‘sucked’

The world was shocked when Kris and Bruce Jenner decided to call time on their 23 years of marriage, and while both parties appear to have moved on and found potential romance with someone else, how did their divorce affect their children?

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Kendall Jenner is the second youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and during a recent interview with ABC’s Nightline, the budding model opened up about how her parents’ divorce has affected her, especially since the whole split played out in public.

“It sucked, but it’s not — I try to think of it as it’s not the worst thing that could have happened,” she confessed to the outlet. “I still am so close with both my dad and my mom.”

However, the reality TV star did mention that in a way, there has been one small positive — her former Olympic champion dad now lives in an amazing location.

“Nothing has really changed, except for the fact that now my dad lives on a beach, which is awesome. That’s not that bad… everybody’s happy,” she said.

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Jenner, who appears to be taking the split very well, admitted to usually “brushing off” all the tabloid rumors about her family. However, there was one recent rumor that really struck a chord with the star.

This fall, an Australian magazine called Famous blasted Jenner as being too fat for the runway when it posted a piece titled, “You’re Too Fat For Runway.” Jenner chose not to respond to the vicious claim, although she does think it was particularly cruel.

“I don’t feel the need, you know what I mean? Let them do what they want to do. Let them sit behind a computer and write stupid things about a young girl and make her feel bad about herself,” she confessed. “I think it’s cruel and it’s evil.”

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However, she’s not going to let nasty comments in the media get her down, and Jenner knows what’s really important in her life.

“Why would you ever want to live your life like that? So like, just traumatized, by what everybody is saying about you?” Jenner said of her decision to ignore the hate in the media. “If you just ignore it and go on and you’re like, ‘I know what’s real.’ My family, my friends, they know what’s real. So what else, why does that matter?”


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