State of Affairs premiere review: Katherine Heigl haters beware

In the State of Affairs premiere episode, not everything is perfect, but at least the show’s lead has a lot going for her.

Say what you want about how many new series are starting to look alike with female leads in important roles in and around Washington, but I’m enjoying this new trend. Every season it seems that there is some new genre that makes the rounds at the various networks. Sometimes it’s a bunch of cop series, sometimes it’s a bunch of fantasy series, but what’s wrong with having a bunch of female-driven series?

My answer: Not a darn thing.

Why I don’t think Katherine Heigl owes anyone an apology

What I liked about State of Affairs


I’m not going to talk about Katherine Heigl’s supposed attitude on set. I’ve seen the stories, but frankly I don’t really care. I just care about her performance and honestly, I thought she was believable and showed a lot of depth. Charlie had a lot going on in this first episode, but I never felt at any point like I didn’t think she belonged at the job. She’s a flawed character, which appealed to me as well.

The relationship between Charlie and Constance

It would have been easy for the series to make that relationship full of conflict and set the two lead women against each other for some drama. Instead, they are two people who share the same hurt and have similar, but not exact, ways of dealing with it. When the president proved how much she trusted Charlie by not taking her to task for keeping some information to herself, I approved.

The supporting characters

So far, my favorite out of the people surrounding Charlie was her non-Secret Service agent buddy, Syd, and I will want to see a lot more of him in upcoming episodes. He was scary and charming all at once and I kind of loved him right off the bat. The rest of the team of briefers is still a blur to me, but I saw enough of them to know that they are worth Charlie’s trust and that’s good enough for me for now.

Katherine Heigl is no angel, but she’s realized the fault of her ways

Where the show could improve

The conspiracy

At this point, I’m confused about exactly what we were supposed to get about the mysterious texts and what happened in Kabul and Aaron’s death. I think they tried to stuff too much information into the first episode of the series and it just didn’t work for me. I hope the show takes a step back and doles out those facts more carefully in the future.

Nick, so far

I can’t say that I had a love/hate relationship with Nick as it’s too soon in the series for those kinds of emotions. So I’ll just say that I had a like/dislike relationship with him. I liked him as soon as I saw him lounging in Charlie’s kitchen and they began talking about old times. I disliked him when I saw that he was connected to the mysterious conspiracy theory or whatever you want to call it. Like I said, that story has too many details right now and I just didn’t need more in the final scenes of the episode.

PHOTO: Nope, Katherine Heigl hasn’t joined the adult film business

Overall, State of Affairs had enough good points to make me excited to watch the next episode. I don’t mean just let it record on my DVR with hopes to watch it someday in the future, either. I actually plan to watch it the night that it airs — or at least within 48 hours. For me, that’s pretty good praise.

What did you think of the State of Affairs premiere?


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