6 Ways Solange’s wedding incorporates Star Wars — and hipster swag

We’re obsessing over Solange Knowles’ wedding, which seemed to meld Star Wars with hipster swag and somehow make it work beautifully. Here’s the proof.

1. There was a school bus at the reception… and sparklers (aka the hipster point to end all hipster points)

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2. We want to own that cape dress…

Just as much as we wanted Princess Leia’s iconic look when we were young

Princess Leia in Star WarsPhoto credit: 20th Century Fox

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3. Everyone wore white…

And they all stood so uniformly

Star Wars soldiers
Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

4. Please tell me Knowles and her new husband, Alan Ferguson, actually rode the bikes together (as if No. 1 wasn’t good enough)

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5. Clearly, they make a great couple…

Though their relationship, luckily, won’t end so awkwardly

Star Wars figures

6. All that was missing was Chewbacca… poor Chewy didn’t get an invite…

Star Wars Chewbacca
Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

But it’s OK, because Knowles and her son, Julez, brought mad dance moves instead


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