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7 Fresh theories about American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s Pepper

Who is Pepper, how did she end up in Briarcliff and what might her future hold? We’ve got some theories about her journey in American Horror Story.

By now, most fans should know that AHS creator, Ryan Murphy, has said that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are connected. A central character to the connection between Season 2 and Season 4 is Pepper, the microcephalic woman who first appeared in Asylum as a resident of the Briarcliff mental institution.

Let’s dissect the AHS Season 5 top hat theories, shall we?

Recently, TMZ reported that a page out of a script from AHS: Freak Show had been stolen from the set and was currently being “shopped around to media outlets.” TMZ reportedly saw the page and said it tells how Pepper ended up in Briarcliff. They called the page “hugely important” to the story line, which makes one theorize some things that may have happened in Pepper’s past, as well as where she might be heading in the future.

The baby was Pepper’s

In Asylum, Sister Mary Eunice told Lana that Pepper killed her sister’s baby and sliced his ears off. It’s a claim that Pepper later denied, stating that it was her sister’s husband who killed the baby. But, what if the baby in question was actually Pepper’s? Perhaps she found love or maybe she was sadly attacked, but there are many ways she could have become pregnant. If that happened, Pepper’s sister may have said she would raise the baby and her husband may have killed the child so that he wouldn’t be burdened with someone else’s baby.

Pepper’s brother killed the baby

In Freak Show, Pepper is in the circus with her brother, Salty, but he is not with her by the time she ends up in Briarcliff. Chances are, he’s going to end up a victim of Stanley’s or some other predator, perhaps even Dandy. But what about his past? Could it be that it was really Salty who killed the baby and Pepper allowed her sister to think she did it? She could have made up the story about her sister’s husband killing the baby as a way to keep her brother’s memory untainted by such a heinous act.

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Sister Mary Eunice is Pepper’s sister

Not a lot is known about Sister Mary Eunice before she decided to become a nun. What if she was Pepper’s sister and, after the death of her child, she chose to change her life and devote it to God? This is something she might have been compelled to do, whether it was Pepper who killed her child or her husband.

Pepper, the genius

In Asylum, we saw that Pepper went from being what appeared to be mentally impaired to an intelligent woman. It doesn’t seem likely that she could make that sort of change overnight, which might indicate that she was always a genius and was forced to hide her intelligence due to her appearance.

Sister Eunice sent Pepper to school

Another reason Pepper could have been so smart in Asylum was that she got some sort of an education. She could be hiding her intelligence in Freak Show or she simply could not be educated yet. It could be that Sister Mary Eunice will see something in Pepper and decide to either teach her herself or send her somewhere else for schooling.

Pepper could be a doctor

In Asylum, Pepper is seen assisting at a birth and apparently knows what she is doing. Maybe she was able to go on and, despite her looks, continue her education. Who knows, she might even have gone on to be a physician. She certainly seemed to have both the knack and the proficiency for it.

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Pepper could be involved with the experiments in Season 5

Some theories about the next season of AHS involve experimentation on humans. Considering what she has been through in both Freak Show and Asylum, Pepper would have the experience to deal with that sort of thing. The only question is: Will she be fighting to keep people from being experimented on or helping with the experiments? With Pepper, it could really go either way.

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on FX. Do you have any ideas about Pepper?

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