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Kristen Bell reminds us she has an amazing voice with this Christmas song

Proving the point that today’s technology can sometimes get in the way of personal relationships, Kristen Bell and a cappella group Straight No Chaser teamed up for a super-cute Christmas texting song.

Premiering on, Bell and Straight No Chaser’s song was featured on the site and quickly gained the “likes” of people all over. The song is very witty and catchy, showcasing Bell’s beautiful voice in a very entertaining way.

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“This holiday, you’ll be far away and I’ll be all alone,” the song begins, “so please remember, this December, to fully charge your phone.” The a cappella group then chimes in and sings the backing harmony, before Michael Luginbill begins his lead verse.

“Text me Merry Christmas, make my holiday complete, though you’re far away from me, say you’ll brb, that’s a text I’ll never delete.”

Apparently, Straight No Chaser, or SNC, sent a demo of their new Christmas song to Bell back in May, asking if she’d lend her voice for a duet with them. She replied right away and enthusiastically agreed to be in on the project.

“The lyrics are smart and creative and musically it was a blast to sing a cappella with Straight No Chaser,” said Bell, who was pregnant as she recorded the vocals for the song. “I’m excited to be part of what could be a Christmas classic for our current generation.”

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Randy Stine of SNC explained that they wanted to create a Christmas song that addressed how informal communication has become with the use of texting and email.

“As soon as we heard the first demo it was apparent that it had to be a duet,” Stine said. “The only voice we heard singing this was Kristen Bell’s and she nailed every note and delivered the lyrics with the perfect comedic tone. We were hanging on her every word… when we weren’t looking at our phones.”

You can check out the full song in the audio below, and download it from iTunes tonight at midnight.

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