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Liam Hemsworth reveals kissing JLaw isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (VIDEO)

You may think kissing Jennifer Lawrence would be an enjoyable experience for almost every man. She’s beautiful, talented and hilariously funny, but according to Liam Hemsworth, locking lips with the actress wasn’t great!

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The Australian actor and Lawrence’s The Hunger Games costar stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Friday, and during a fan Q-and-A, he revealed why kissing Lawrence was a less-than-pleasant experience.

One fan was keen to find out what the most awkward scene for the actor to shoot was, to which he responded, “Anytime I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable.”

But it’s not because Lawrence is a terrible kisser; it’s more the fact that she has terrible breath!

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“When you look at it on the outside, it looks like a great picture,” Hemsworth explained. “She’s one of my best friends, I love her, but if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting. Right before the scene she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic, I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!'” Ugh, poor Hemsworth!

However, that’s not the only thing fans wanted to ask the actor. They also were interested to find out what movie makes this macho hunk cry.

Titanic,” Hemsworth answered, referring to the 1997 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

“Well, you know, every time I watch it, when [Leonardo] DiCaprio dies, I know it’s coming, but… yeah man, just seeing that beautiful guy die, it’s so heartbreaking,” Hemsworth elaborated. We feel the same way, Hemsworth!

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Watch Liam Hemsworth reveal his terrible kissing experience and more in the video below.

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