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Arnold Schwarzenegger has a super unexpected lady in his life (PHOTOS)

While the Internet is buzzing over Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus making out at a USC game, Patrick’s dad Arnold Schwarzenegger is clearly worried about more important things — he’s busy with a certain lady in his life.

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According to the former Governator’s Instagram snap today, this lady is super cute, she hangs out in the kitchen and she encourages him to eat healthier. Plus, they look incredibly happy together — just look at the giant grin on Schwarzenegger’s face. What more does a guy need?

Oh, yeah. Also, she’s a mini horse, and her name is Whiskey.

Photo credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram

Schwarzenegger shared the photo Friday morning, and in it, we see a smiling Schwarzenegger sharing carrots with Whiskey in his kitchen. The photo is captioned, “If anyone notices I have lost a little weight, blame Whiskey. She’s been stealing my breakfast every morning.”

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Don’t worry if you need to take a minute to let the cuteness sink in. We did.

We don’t know much about Whiskey yet, but we do know that we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more pics of this adorable duo. If Whiskey hangs out in the kitchen, does she also hang out in other parts of the house? If so, we want pictures of her in every room. Does Schwarzenegger take her on walks? Photos of that, please. How about on errands around town? Does she ride in the car? We must know, and we must see photographic evidence. Really, just every aspect of the Terminator actor’s life with this ridiculously adorable pet needs to be documented and shared online. It’s for the good of mankind, Schwarzenegger. We’re sure you understand.

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While I’m over here trying to figure out if I can get away with keeping a mini horse in my apartment, tell us what you think of this adorable duo in the comments below.

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