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Ashton may be a dad, but he’s still part of the Willis family

The Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker clan doesn’t have anything on the Willis/Kutcher/Kunis clan, because it’s starting to sound like the latter is the real-life Modern Family.

Don’t even think about Photoshopping Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis recently disclosed that she harbors no ill will towards Ashton Kutcher after his sometimes-messy divorce from her mother, Demi Moore. In fact, she has nothing but respect for the new dad, and she and Kutcher remain friends.

“I reached out to him when he had his baby the other day, which was so awesome,” Willis said in an interview with Access Hollywood. “I saw photos of her. She’s very cute.”

Willis, 26, also reflected on the fact that Kutcher took on their not-so-small family at quite a young age. “I realized the other day, he was younger than me when he and my mom started going out,” she said. “That would be like me meeting someone who already had three teenage kids — kind of going into that whole situation was crazy.”

While it doesn’t seem like Kutcher, Kunis and baby Wyatt will be heading over the the Willis/Moore household to break bread this Thanksgiving, it’s kinda cool to see that Kutcher is still keeping in touch with the kids who were his stepchildren for the better part of a decade.

For being the offspring of two mega-stars, Rumer and her sisters, Scout and Tallulah, seem to be pretty down-to-earth and tight-knit. The girls often post pictures together on social media, as well as cute photos from their youth.

Rumer credits her upbringing for the way they all turned out. “It’s one of the things I admire most about my parents, is that they set such an incredible example for kind of putting their children first and keeping a family together, no matter what,” she said.

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