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George Lopez was mistaken for a housekeeper, and he’s pissed

George Lopez will not be staying at the Dream Hotel anytime soon, and if you’re a “self-respecting” Latino, he insists that you do the same.

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The comedian previously explained that when he was staying at the luxury hotel in downtown New York City, he was rudely mistaken for housekeeping.

Lopez had arranged to have his suit and shoes delivered to his room before the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball on Oct. 22, and when a man delivered his suit and tie, he also delivered a rude remark.

“I got a Dolce&Gabbana suit and $3,000 shoes, but the struggle will still continue,” Lopez told the crowd at the event that night. “Today at the Dream Hotel in room 440, [I] had a Prada suit and sport coat, $10,000, delivered to me personally… I open the door, [and] he gave me the suit and said, ‘You scared me. I thought you were housekeeping.'”

George Lopez canceled “because I’m brown”

And Lopez has not forgotten the unpleasant encounter because he recently told TMZ reporters that “self-respecting Latinos should stay away” from the hotel. The problem is, we’re not sure why the funnyman is so upset. Is he making a point about race (in which case by all means he should be upset)? Or is the fact that he’s getting so worked up because he was not recognized by the man at the door?

Lopez’s comments to TMZ really make you wonder.

“What happened over there, was it the Dream Hotel?” a TMZ reporter asked Lopez.

“Yeah, the Dream Hotel in New York,” Lopez answered, before adding, “Listen, there’s a list of things I might not be confused for: being sensitive, being a personal trainer, a stock market guy; but housekeeper was a little bit insulting.”

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But here’s the comment that makes you wonder if it’s actually just his ego that is insulted: “You think everyone would have cable. And no apology from the hotel.”

Tell us what you think: Is George Lopez making a point about race? Or is he upset that the guy just didn’t recognize him?

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