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Have you seen all of Benedict Cumberbatch’s celebrity impressions? (VIDEO)

Seriously, though, is there anything this guy can’t do?

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The name “Benedict” is from the Latin word “Benedictus,” which means blessed, and Benedict Cumberbatch sure lives up to his moniker. The man is blessed with talent that is almost incomprehensible, but what really makes him shine is his amazing ability to not take himself too seriously.

Cumberbatch recently played the “imitation game” during an interview with MTV, in which he was challenged to perform as many impressions as possible in a 60-second time period. The actor accepted the task with open arms, giggling the whole way through. Like Cumberbatch, most people would be reduced to laughing through the entire 60 seconds, because the task is incredibly hard. However, Cumberbatch maintains awesomely spot-on imitations throughout the entire game, even through his chuckling.

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We’re not talking easy people to imitate, either. MTV calls out legends like John Malkovich and Jack Nicholson, who have very unique aspects to their speech. Cumberbatch seamlessly crosses from Tom Hiddleston to Owen Wilson and from Christopher Walken to the character, Bane, of DC Comics fame. The fun really starts at the end of the game, when Cumberbatch nails a Matthew McConaughey whistle and chest pump right before butchering a Taylor Swift song.

In total, Cumberbatch manages 11 impressions in just one minute.

This is pretty much the best follow-up to Cumberbatch’s Beyoncé walk that we could have ever hoped for.

Benedict Cumberbatch

GIF credit: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube

Speaking of blessings, we’ll tell you another person who’s blessed: Cumberbatch’s new fiancée, Sophie Hunter. That was the engagement that broke a million hearts.

Video credit: MTV

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