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4 Killer How to Get Away with Murder theories

How to Get Away with Murder is really so brilliant because every character on the show is guilty of something. But we’ve got a few theories about the show’s real killer that stand above the rest.

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1. Wes

The murder happened right as Wes came into the school. As the misfit of the class, Wes doesn’t come from a background of privilege. And we’re wondering just exactly how he’s affording those hefty law school bills.

We really don’t know a lot about his background. Is it just coincidence that he ended up in the apartment he did or is there more to the story than we know? It is a little interesting that right when Wes moved in is when Lila went missing.

We’re already seeing that Wes isn’t as innocent and naive as everyone initially assumed, given the way he handled things with Annalise. We can’t help but wonder if there’s even more to him than meets the eye. Perhaps he’s our cold-blooded killer after all.

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2. Annalise

Well, now that it’s been confirmed that Lila was pregnant (and it’s almost certainly Sam’s baby), Annalise had a pretty solid motive to want her dead. Aside from jealousy, she could have been trying to protect her husband by killing Lila. She’s already gone out of her way to protect Sam multiple times in the episodes so far because she claims she loves him and can’t live without him. Maybe at this point, though, she’s also protecting herself.

As the lady who knows how to get away with murder, perhaps she’s trying to get away with her own after killing Lila in a fit of rage.

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3. Bonnie

It’s been established multiple times that Bonnie is in love with Sam. Though she idolizes Annalise, did that stop her from pursuing a relationship with her boss’s husband? Sometimes they give each other those flirty eyes that suggest there’s so much more between them than casual flirtation. How deep does this story go? We’re just going to have to keep watching to find out. But if it does, in fact, run any deeper, there’s a good chance Bonnie was eliminating the competition and starting with Lila. She definitely seems like the jealous type.

According to an interview with TV Guide, Liza Weil, who plays Bonnie, revealed that “everything is going to change between [Annalise and Bonnie]” following this week’s episode.

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4. Nate

While he seems like the honorable guy who just got caught up in the affair, Nate’s gotten a lot more complicated as the season has progressed. He lied to Annalise and seems really spiteful now that she’s protecting Sam against looking guilty in Lila’s murder. Not that we blame him for his emotions, necessarily — we’re just saying those emotions could have spurred him to some rash actions. We don’t think he killed Lila, but we do think there’s a good chance he’s been watching Sam for a lot longer than Annalise thinks.

Of course, you’ll notice we left the obvious suspects (Sam and Rebecca) off this list because, well, they’re too obvious. If How to Get Away with Murder has taught us anything so far this season, it’s that nothing is what it seems on the surface. And truths are very often manipulated. We’re taking that as a pretty clear-cut sign that neither one of them is guilty. Instead, it’s someone who’s still on the inside, but not the obvious killer just yet.

Who do you think killed Lila?

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