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Channing Tatum defeats Jimmy Fallon with the help of an E.T. doll (VIDEO)

Channing Tatum plays one mean Box of Lies game, beating Jimmy Fallon with an E.T. doll wrapped in a blanket decorated with crowns.

The actor stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his new film Foxcatcher, and sat down with Fallon to play the funny host’s popular guessing game. Fallon explained how the game works, saying both he and Tatum would take turns taking items out of boxes.

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“Once the object is out of the box, you tell your opponent what’s in the box. You might be lying, you might be telling the truth,” Fallon went on. “Your opponent needs to guess which one, either lie or truth. You guess correctly, you get a point. You guess wrong, the other person gets a point. First person to two points wins.”

Going first, Tatum had a box that contained a Chewbacca figure inside a bowl of gelatin and Fallon was already laughing before he even guessed if his opponent was lying. But, when the Magic Mike star said he had a bowl of chili frozen in gelatin, Fallon wasn’t buying it.

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After a couple more plays, Tatum took one more object out of a box and tried his hardest to keep a straight face when he was facing an E.T. doll inside a crown-printed sleeping bag.

“E.T. phones home in a sleeping bag with crowns on it,” Tatum said with a totally straight face. Fallon once again burst out laughing and asked, “E.T. is in the process of phoning home while in a sleeping bag with crowns… crowns on it?”

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After asking the same question again and looking very skeptical, Fallon said, “You lie!” But, Tatum claimed victory as he raised the E.T. doll for Fallon to see.

Check out the hilarious video below and watch the entire game between Tatum and Fallon — it’s worth every minute.

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