The Originals sneak peek: Who’s your werewolf daddy?

Now that Klaus’ werewolf dad Ansel is in New Orleans, things on The Originals are getting super-complicated for poor Klaus.

As we saw in the last episode, Esther is using Ansel as leverage to convince Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to give up his hybrid body for a peaceful life as a werewolf human instead. And he just may take the bait, given everything Esther has in store.

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According to the synopsis for next week’s episode, “When Klaus discovers that Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has been afflicted by Esther’s magic, he heads to the bayou in search of an antidote. Meanwhile, with Esther determined to carry out her plan, Vincent (aka Finn) and Kaleb (aka Kol) are forced to reconsider their own strategies. Intrigued by Davina’s unwavering attempts to create an unlinking spell, Kaleb lets her in on some secrets from his past and brings her to a place he frequented in 1914.”

Obviously, Klaus’ journey to the bayou means he’ll have to appeal to Daddy dearest and, after the way he left things last week (“For all I care, you can crawl back to hell,”) things are going to be a little rough between these two. Is a relationship with Klaus ever smooth sailing, though? We just wonder if Ansel and Klaus share any of the same personality traits.

When we spoke with Originals executive producer Michael Narducci, he also filled us in on what’s to come for Klaus. “He has to consider it,” Narducci said of Esther’s offer to put him in another body. “In the same way that Elijah is incredibly shaken by all that is revealed to him, Klaus is going to be shaken to his core.”

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Narducci added, “Moving forward, there [are] going to be a lot of questions posed in the episode, and we’ll slowly start to see what the results of that will be over the course of the season.”

Is it just me, or did you also find yourself sympathizing with Esther after the last episode? Of course, we’re still skeptical of trusting her, but her strategy makes sense. Why wouldn’t she want to give her children normal lives? Klaus and Elijah might be resistant, but we have a sinking suspicion that Rebekah (Claire Holt) will be all over the idea that she could potentially have a child and family of her own. It’s what she’s always wanted. (P.S. We hear Rebekah will be returning in Episode 8.)

Of course, we might see Rebekah changed when she steps back into The Originals picture since she’s been charged with baby Hope’s care.

If Klaus and Elijah jump bodies, does that mean their lineage of vampires die? Is the vampire curse more about the body or the soul? If it’s true that their lineage will die if they swap to different bodies, we’re going to go ahead and say that isn’t an option, since without the original family there would be no Vampire Diaries. Unless, of course, Davina can figure out her spell.

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We have a feeling that despite Esther’s words of confidence, she’s got some tricks up her sleeves. We obviously don’t want Elijah and Klaus to become human because we’re selfish like that, and we love watching them do what they do best: be vampires. Plus, I mean, come on, they’re great bodies. But we can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to seize the opportunity.

Do you think Elijah and Klaus should swap bodies and lead human lives?


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