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7 Reasons Scandal‘s Olivia, Fitz and Jake can never work together

In the last episode of Scandal, Fitz, Olivia and Jake formed an alliance to try to take down Command. We’ve got a few reasons why it will never work.

Don’t get me wrong, I want this to work between them. I was very happy when Olivia finally convinced Fitz that Jake didn’t kill his son and they all ended up in a room together without the guys trying to kill each other. But no matter how much I hope they can pull this off, I can’t deny all the many reasons that it probably won’t.

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1. None of them are going in with sane minds

After what they’ve all just been through over the past few months with the death of Fitz’s son, Jake and Olivia running off to their little island together, Fitz beating the living daylights out of Jake — all of it has left them not in their right minds. Olivia, Fitz and Jake are all working with less than optimum mental facilities, which doesn’t bode well for their plan.

2. Olivia loves Fitz

There, I said it. Olivia’s love for Fitz has led them to one problem after another. We’re not just talking about little lovers’ spats here, either. Their problems go well beyond a couple fighting over where they want to have dinner. When Fitz and Olivia have a lovers’ quarrel, it somehow ends up affecting the entire country. Do we really want them working together on another project?

3. Olivia loves Jake

There, I said that too. I know she hasn’t said it yet, but I feel that Olivia does love Jake. Maybe it’s a different kind of love than the one she has for Fitz, but it’s there. If you don’t believe me, just remember everything that she did to keep Fitz from killing Jake or even treating him badly. She loves Fitz and she loves Jake. This does not for a good alliance make.

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4. Fitz and Jake can never trust each other again

It makes me sad to think of this reason, but I can’t deny it and it’s too bad, because I really liked it when Jake and Fitz were best friends. I think Fitz needed a buddy he could trust, and they had the makings of a great bromance on the show. But with all that has happened, I don’t know if they can ever get that friendship back, and their lack of trust for each other is bound to cause issues with whatever plan they come up with to kill Command.

5. Jake and Command have too much history

This is another one that I don’t like to think about, but I’ve forced myself to take a good, long look at Jake and Command’s history. There is a lot there and I think that it could derail the alliance’s plans. I don’t know if the issue will be Command somehow getting control of Jake again, or if Jake will simply not be able to control his anger at Command and blow some part of the plan too early. Either way, I’m betting their history will screw things up somehow.

6. Command is too powerful

This is a reason that doesn’t really have anything to do with Olivia, Fitz or Jake. All three of them could come together and work on a plan like a well-oiled machine, but it could still fall apart. This is simply because Command (aka Olivia’s father) is just so powerful. Look at everything that he has accomplished so far. Do we really think that this new little alliance could take him down?

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7. This is Scandal

Need I really say more? The main reason I don’t have a lot of faith in this alliance (even though I truly want to) is I know how things go down on this show. Nothing ever works out the way we think it will, which is half the fun.

Do you think the alliance between Olivia, Fitz and Jake is going to work on Scandal?

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