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Matt LeBlanc cheating rumors: Why we think they may be true

Well, well, well, these new reports about Matt LeBlanc do not paint him in a very good light, because apparently, he cheated on his long-term girlfriend, Andrea Anders, with not one, but three women. Gross!

The Friends alum was reportedly caught cheating on his girlfriend of eight years at a masked bash in Austin, Texas, on Halloween night, and the incident went down right in front of three In Touch Weekly reporters.

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According to the magazine, the actor “hooked up with several scantily clad women.”

The magazine also claims that “he maintained a low profile earlier in the night, but around 1:30 a.m., he started getting very flirty with the bottle service girls.” And the reports get even more gross, because the Joey star then “ended up calling two of them over and proceeded to kiss one, the other — and then made the two girls kiss each other. And he did it in front of three In Touch reporters!”

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The debauchery on the night did not end there. Apparently, after the actor was done with those two women, he moved on to another one, of whom the site has pictures.

The magazine reports, “He moved onto another woman getting very friendly — and handsy— after he’d just crowned her the winner of the costume contest for the My Yacht Club event. He finally called it quits close to 3 a.m. as the party got progressively more wild, with half-naked girls making out all around him!”

Of course, LeBlanc’s rep denies these claims and insists that no cheating went on while he was at the party.

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The actor’s rep told In Touch Weekly that he “arrived alone, wasn’t seen leaving the party with any women.” That doesn’t mean nothing happened while he was at the party, though, does it? LeBlanc’s rep also told E! News, “That absolutely did not happen. Fans were coming up to him all night asking for pictures.”

However, if you look at LeBlanc’s past, there could actually be some truth to these claims, because he has previously been caught red-handed. According to Radar Online, in 2005, the actor apologized for “irresponsible behavior” with a stripper while he was still married to his former wife, Melissa McKnight. The pair then divorced one year later, so the actor’s cheating could have caused trouble in paradise.

There are also reports from 2010, when actress and model, Holly Magrath, claimed that she had been seduced and then dumped by LeBlanc. According to the Daily Mail, Magrath revealed at the time that she had a fling for three weeks with the actor and spent two nights together in his hotel suite while he was in London.

LeBlanc is now with Anders, and whether the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” applies here, we can’t know for sure. But in the boozy pictures, LeBlanc doesn’t seem to mind this random woman hanging all over him.

Tell us what you think: Do you think these cheating claims are true? Or could it all be false?

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