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Why Insurgent‘s teaser is strange, but also pretty genius (VIDEO)

The new teaser trailer for Insurgent, the sequel to the young adult book turned blockbuster, was just released and left many people stumped.

Tons of fans took to social media to protest the bizarre action sequence, which a lot think doesn’t make any sense at all.

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Fear not, we’re here to clear the air.

Because while the trailer is definitely strange, it also makes perfect sense about the direction of the story. Bear with us.

WARNING: There are spoilers from the first film Divergent below. If you haven’t seen the films yet and don’t want to be surprised, don’t keep reading. We have, however, kept the Insurgent details a secret for you.

In the teaser trailer, Tris (Shailene Woodley) battles to save her mother (Ashley Judd) from a burning house, which then lifts off the ground. Suspended in air, Tris grabs her mother and, in the last second, flings them both into the window of an abandoned building, presumably saving both their lives.

Well, this is obviously confusing to fans who saw the last film and will remember that Tris’ mother died. Furthermore, yes, the Divergent series is science fiction but floating houses just aren’t part of the rules.

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You may have guessed that this sequence is a dream, but we don’t think that’s entirely accurate. We think this is actually a scenario from Tris’ fear landscape.

Remember again back to Divergent. Part of Tris’ trials to becoming a full Dauntless member involved her undergoing a special kind of simulation that forced her to face her greatest fears.

Since Tris blames herself partly for her mother’s death, this new scenario has no doubt added itself to Tris’ fear landscape. By saving her mother in the simulation, Tris is learning to conquer her fears.

Once you analyze the teaser, you realize that it’s actually giving you a really clear picture of Tris’ mental state heading into the sequel. She is going to be emotionally broken after losing so many family members and friends. Insurgent is a lot less about Tris’ Dauntless battle and a lot more about her emotional struggle to find her place within a changing society.

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So no, the Insurgent teaser trailer doesn’t really tell you anything about the action plot of the film, but it does tell you that Tris’ struggle to conquer her past and her fears will be central to the upcoming story.

Plus, you can’t argue with those stunning visuals.

See the full teaser below.

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