ESPN rips off Tosh.0, and Daniel Tosh is pissed (VIDEO)

Nov 12, 2014 at 2:39 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

After ESPN created a segment that was very similar to his Comedy Central's Tosh.0 Web Redemption series, Daniel Tosh said he had enough of the network ripping him off.

To make his feelings known, Tosh published a video where he slammed the sports channel by creating a copy of ESPN's Sports Science and presented all the reasons why he dislikes the network. In the beginning of the hilarious coverage, Tosh explains how ESPN originally stole his content with the infamous incident of Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly tripping over a rug on the rink.

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"I know what you're thinking: 'That would make a great Web Redemption!'" Tosh said. "Did ESPN really think I wouldn't notice when they came up with an eerily familiar new segment called Awesome Video Segment?"

Apparently, ESPN sought out Donnelly and asked him if he wanted to "give it another shot," which is what Tosh does when these types of videos or incidents surface on the internet.

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So, in his own copy of ESPN's show, Tosh really let the sports network have it.

"SportsCenter breaks down like this," Tosh said in the same analytical fashion that SportsCenter describes sports plays. "Sixty percent Manziel gossip, 39 percent praising LeBron for buying a giant Brita filter to clean Lake Erie, 72 percent jerking off the FCC, and 41 percent explaining away whatever crime an NFL player committed that hour. There's 2 percent other, which is room for whomever has to fill in for Bill Simmons every time he's suspended for having the audacity to defend women."

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With another jab, Tosh said, "Former athletes account for almost one third of ESPN personalities, and with a grammatical error every fifth word; a normal segment contains nearly 400 instances of flawed syntax. Simple mathematics tells us that is a statistical anomaly."

Tosh goes on ripping the network and its anchors apart like there's no tomorrow. You can check out the brutal video below for more.

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