Night at the Museum trailer has Robin Williams in his final role

It seems that beloved actor Robin Williams is going to leave us all laughing with his final big-screen role, which is the most fitting silver screen exit we could imagine for the iconic performer.

The trailer for Robin Williams‘ final film already has us in stitches. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb features Williams once again wearing the Rough Rider boots of Teddy Roosevelt as mayhem erupts inside New York’s Natural History Museum.

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In the film’s newest trailer, Ben Stiller must travel with a handful of the franchise’s favorite museum celebrities to the Natural History Museum of London to recharge the magical tablet that brings the exhibits to life every night. Of course, by bringing the tablet with them, Stiller and company wake up the entire London museum, meaning a bevy of unexpected surprises, including a fierce triceratops, a heroic Sir Lancelot and a hilarious appearance by Rebel Wilson as the London museum’s security guard.

The trailer features lots of laugh-out-loud moments, including miniature Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan as Jedediah and Octavius trolling cat videos on YouTube. Once the tablet starts acting up, the museum’s beloved monkey goes haywire, and we get a peek at a hilariously snarky Ricky Gervais grilling Stiller on the drama. Williams makes us laugh in the clips where he’s riding dinosaurs and helping Stiller navigate vicious jungle cats on the steps of the museum.

Of course, seeing the star shine on camera once again also makes us miss him even more.

Williams’ untimely death left shocked fans in mourning even as four films starring the late actor were in post-production. Those films included Merry Friggin’ Christmas, a dark holiday comedy; Boulevard, an indie drama costarring Bob Odenkirk and Kathy Baker; and this summer’s The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, a comedy costarring Mila Kunis.

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb opens in theaters Dec. 19.