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INTERVIEW: 10 Things about Bea Miller you never knew

Fifteen-year-old Bea Miller is killing it right now with her first hit single, “Young Blood.” She’s young, talented and absolutely gorgeous. But how much do you really know about the songstress?

SheKnows met up with Bea Miller at Live in the Vineyard over the weekend and absolutely fell in love with the New Jersey-born singer. We spent time getting to know her, and we think it’s time you do, too. Here’s what we learned.

What was it like the first time she heard her song on the radio?

“I was going to do a show that this radio station had brought me out to do in Texas, and apparently my label had planned it with the station,” Miller shared. “They planned to play my song on their station while I was in the car. So, everyone was filming me, but it was during a song that I didn’t really like that much, so I thought they were just filming me like, ‘Ha-ha! Look at you. They’re playing a song you don’t really like.’ I was like, ‘Why are they filming me? Do I look ugly right now? What’s going on?’ I had no idea! Then suddenly I hear the guy on the radio, and he’s like, ‘Bea Miller has never heard her song on the radio before and she’s on [her] way to the thing we’re having later. So, here’s ‘Young Blood’ by Bea Miller.’ And you can see me look up in the video just in shock. What is going on? And then I just started sobbing.”

Of course, she also got teary during another big moment in her career…

“Probably when I was on tour with Demi Lovato recently,” Miller said. “The second date, during ‘Young Blood,’ when I was on stage, all the girls, without me even saying anything, turned on the flashlights on their phones and put them up in the air and just started waving them around, and it looked like stars. I could barely get through the song. I was choking because it was so beautiful, and I was about to cry.”

On to more pressing issues!

Cats or dogs?

“Dogs,” Miller answered quickly. “I have two.”

Favorite place to visit?

“New York City. Always,” Miller said, quickly adding, “I wanna move there.”

Favorite TV show?

“Oh! New Girl,” Miller shared. “I love Zooey.”

Celebrity crush?

“Luke Hemmings,” Miller laughed. “Everyone knows. Everyone knows now…. He literally heard me say that I wanted to marry him.”

What makes her cry without fail?

“Any sad movie,” Miller revealed. “I’m such a sap. Even romantic movies that aren’t supposed to be sad, I just cry at movies in general.”

What’s her favorite thing to do when she’s not working?

“I’m so boring,” she lamented. “I literally like to just sit at home eating spicy, hot Doritos, and [I like] watching New Girl. That’s, literally, all I do with my life.”

Who’s her celebrity BFF?

“I don’t really like to think of my friends that way,” Miller shared. “But I guess, Demi’s little sister, Maddie. She’s like my best friend in the whole world. But I don’t like to think of her as [a celebrity].”

What’s her go-to karaoke song?

“‘House of the Rising Sun,'” Miller shared, surprising us by picking a song that is not only older than her, but probably older than her parents. We’re totally impressed with her musical knowledge.

Are you in love with Miller as much as we are? Make sure you’re requesting her song on your local radio station (we’re not the only ones who still listen to the radio, right?) and spend some time with her YouTube channel. You won’t want to miss her rise to the top.

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