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9 Photos of Howard Stern with furry animals that prove he’s a softie

Shock jock, Howard Stern, has a dirty little secret: If you put a cat in front of him, he melts like butter.

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It’s hard to imagine that the man who created a character called Fartman, loves to call women fat and specializes in hosting competitions like the “World’s Ugliest Private Parts Contest” could have a serious weakness for furry creatures in need, but Stern and his wife, Beth Ostrosky, are practically obsessed with saving homeless animals.

The couple has six cats that they adopted, according to Us Weekly, and the Sterns are also constantly housing rescued animals while they wait to be placed in forever homes. “We fostered an English bulldog last year and we’ve been fostering cats,” Ostrosky told Us. “We’re up to 75 kittens since last June. We find them all loving homes.”

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While Ostrosky’s first priority may be searching for caring owners for her foster cats and dogs, her second priority is snapping photos of her husband cuddling with their fur-ball friends. Here’s a look at some of our favorite shots that show a whole other side to Stern.

Ostrosky, herself, is heavily involved with Animal Welfare League, which claims to be the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

He’s got a babe of a wife who has a heart of gold. How could Stern be anything but warm and fuzzy?

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