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Stephen Collins absurdly doesn’t think his wife deserves alimony

Stephen Collins’ soon-to-be ex-wife dropped a bombshell during their divorce proceedings when she revealed a recording of the actor reportedly confessing to inappropriate contact with minors.

Faye Grant wants you to know she’s not the bad guy here

But, in case you didn’t think it was possible, that divorce is about to get a whole lot uglier. Collins is using that recording as leverage on his wife, explaining that he shouldn’t have to pay her any spousal support “as a result of the unlawful recording that was disseminated to the media.”

His reasoning? The 7th Heaven star said he “lost all earning power” because of the release of the recording. According to People, Collins hasn’t worked since April and has been losing jobs since the scandal broke — including being dropped from Ted 2. That alone was worth $75,000.

Although Collins is fighting against spousal support, he doesn’t appear to be arguing against the separation of their estate — which includes $3 million in assets between the two of them and two different properties. Collins said that alone should leave his ex-wife with “plenty of assets to sustain herself.”

“Mr. Collins is 67-years-old and Ms. Grant is 57-years-old,” Collins’ plea to the court read. “Ms. Grant does not have any health impediments which would preclude her from being able to work. Mr. Collins is past retirement age and he has not worked since April 2014. If he were ordered to pay support, he would have to utilize his financial accounts to pay the support, whereas Ms. Grant would be able to preserve funds in her financial accounts.”

How not to react to Stephen Collins’ child molestation confession

Collins and his wife were married for 27 years before he filed for divorce two years ago. But before Collins was done, he took a shot at their marriage. He explained that his wife never devoted time to “domestic duties” and that they employed a housekeeper, nannies and assistants.

“On days when Mr. Collins did not work, Mr. Collins took care of the parties’ daughter more than Ms. Grant did.”

What do you think? Should Collins be let out of spousal support because of the recording?

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