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Bret Michaels in 6 hospitals in only 2 weeks: Is he OK?

Bret Michaels appears to have nine lives. The Poison singer has been facing health problems for years and is now back in the hospital with another health scare.

Bret Michaels updates fans after health scare

“This past week Bret had to have surgery on his kidneys,” Poison bandmate, Pete Evick, announced. “The pain that led to the original surgery was so great that he simply could not perform last Thursday in Champaign [Illinois].”

Michaels’ fans are not strangers to worrying about the state of his health. In 2010, he underwent an emergency appendectomy and, just a week later, suffered a brain hemorrhage. Years after, he was admitted to the hospital multiple times for a variety of illnesses, including back in May after being rushed off stage during a concert. In the last two weeks, Michaels has been in and out of hospitals six different times.

According to Evick, the latest hospitalization came from previous health problems, including “the appendectomy a few years ago, the brain hemorrhage, and recently his scare in Boston with the flu/severe blood sugar on stage earlier this year.”

Evick also posted photos of Michaels on his Facebook page.

Michaels hasn’t let the hospitalizations bother him and he has done all he can to continue his touring schedule, even at 51.

“Bret always says, ‘I’m gonna go until I can’t go anymore,'” Evick said, including a concert he performed after having two stents installed. “It was horrifying on his bus after the show. I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from.”

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Despite the latest round of surgeries, Michaels plans to return to his tour as early as Thursday, Nov. 13, according to People.

“While the last few weeks have been tragic, Bret continues to be an inspiration in his ability to push on,” Evick added. “In typical Bret fashion, the fans come first.”

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