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Graceland Season 3 is a go! 7 Things we want to see

The Graceland Season 2 finale left so much up in the air that we ached for a third season and seemed fairly certain there might not be one.

Now that we know we’re getting a Season 3, we’re curious where it will lead. Most importantly, after so much s*** went down in the final episodes, we have a lot of contingencies if USA wants us to keep tuning in.

Trust us, the Graceland finale will leave you gasping

1. Mike needs to live

Because Aaron Tveit.

2. But, he shouldn’t be forgiven

As a matter of fact, we’re not even sure we want to see him return to Graceland. Maybe he should be on the lamb for a while.

3. Mike should be on the lamb

Someone will need to spend the season devoted to proving Mike’s innocence in the mobster massacre. We’re pretty sure it needs to be Briggs, who knows someone tried to (and possibly succeeded in) killing Mike. Johnny is also a good choice, as he seems to have the most faith in his roommates. It shouldn’t be all-consuming, but it should definitely play into his Season 3 story line. And we don’t want to see it easily resolved.

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4. Although, Johnny will also juggle his work for Carlito

Last we saw Johnny, Carlito told him that he’d continue to work for him undercover if he wanted to keep Lucia alive. While we ultimately believe Johnny will find a way out of it, Season 3 should see him working a new angle in his role running for Carlito. Perhaps it’s there that he’ll find the evidence he needs to clear Mike’s name and bring him back. But, will Lucia make it through the season alive? Don’t know. Don’t care.

5. We need to see what happens with Charlie and Briggs’ baby

Will Baby Briggs make it to Season 3? With all the stress Charlie puts on her body, it’d be easy to see writers make a clean break of it by saying the stress was too much and she lost the baby. They could use that often-overplayed plot twist to throw Charlie deeper into her work and distance her from Briggs. On the other hand, she could choose her job over motherhood and terminating the pregnancy could also cause a rift in their romance. The last option could be interesting, but not altogether boring: What happens if Charlie has the baby? Will she attempt to conceal it from her bosses? Will the entire house take turns raising the infant? This could be a lot of fun!

6. Paige needs a rebound

For the love of all that is good and dirty, we need to see more of Paige working a case based on her feminine whims and worries. We also need more from her than being in a constant state of guessing WTF is up with her and Mikey.

7. Jakes needs to get his s*** together

We want more from Jakes. It seems like he spent the better part of the season either being drunk and whiny or messing up his role as support for everyone else’s missions. We need him to have a bigger, stronger, more successful time during Season 3.

Graceland Season 3 returns in 2015. Until then, it’s never too soon to rewatch the previous seasons. Or, you know, search out the outstanding actors in some of their other roles.

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