RHOA‘s Kandi Burruss makes controversial justice system comment

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida recently did a crime and now he’s doing the time, behind bars. However, his costar Kandi Burruss believes that his sentencing was unfair and that it could be based on the color of his skin.

Nida previously made headlines for his involvement in a massive fraud scheme that landed him eight years’ jail time and a messy divorce from his wife, Phaedra Parks.

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Burruss vented her frustrations about Nida’s sentencing on her BravoBlog, in which she slammed the justice system for their double standards when it comes to sentencing.

According to RadarOnline, the RHOA star went on to voice similar opinions during the premiere of the reality TV series on Sunday night, and she then headed over to her blog to explain her comments.

“Some people felt that I was pulling the race card when I said I feel the justice system is harder on black men,” she wrote, via RadarOnline. “I don’t want you to think that I feel like Apollo only went to jail because he was black. That was not was I was saying. I definitely feel that if you break the law, you should have to go to jail and do your time for the crime, no matter what color you are. BUT I feel like a lot of black men who have committed non-violent crimes get longer sentences than needed.”

And perhaps one of the reasons Burruss feels so strongly about the alleged unfairness of the justice system is because it hits close to home.

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“For example, I have a family member who committed a non-violent crime and got 13 years in prison,” she continued. “He did his time, came home, and after a few years he committed another non-violent crime and now he’s serving over 20 years in prison. There are murderers and rapists who have gotten less time. When a man comes home with felonies on his record, a lot of times he can’t get a good job. So I just feel like it creates a cycle of repeat offenders. There has to be a better way… This is just my opinion.”

While this might be Burruss’ opinion, we’d love to know yours.

Do you think the legal system is flawed and tougher sentences are handed out depending on the color of your skin?


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