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Celebs 101: 10 Things you didn’t know about Ryan Newman

We got the scoop from young Hollywood star Ryan Newman about what’s next for her after her Nick@Nite show See Dad Run ends this year. And we discovered a few things about the actress that might surprise you.

1. She’s wants to break into film next

Now that See Dad Run is coming to an end, Newman shared that her next move will be “hopefully going to do a movie or some film because I’ve been doing TV for seven years now, but would absolutely do another TV role if the right one presented itself.”

2. Going to college is a big priority for her

In fact, Newman explained that one of her Hollywood role models is Natalie Portman because she took a break from acting to get a college education.

“I just really respect everything she’s done. I think she’s incredible.”

3. She may someday make an album

“I’ve been singing since I was 6,” Newman said. She also plays the piano and the guitar.

“It’s all about the timing and opportunities but, we’ll see,” she said of making her own album one day. “It’s definitely something I’m interested in.”

4. She’s a positive role model for young girls

Her best advice: “Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. That’s something I’ve learned especially being in the business and being around a lot of kids who are eager to be older.”

5. She loves math

“I’m a math nerd. I really love and enjoy math,” Newman told us when we asked what’s one thing about her that might surprise people. And she’s not kidding. She’s currently taking AP calculus.

6. She’s so not fancy

“I’m just, like, a casual person,” Newman shared. “You bring me to a fancy restaurant and I feel very uncomfortable. I’m, like, dropping silverware. I’m drawn to more down-to-earth people. Obviously, I love getting dressed up. I love fashion and I love photo shoots at times and all that kind of stuff. But, at the same time, I get home and the first thing I do is put my hair up in a bun and put on sweatpants.”

7. She has a very mature five-year plan

“I just hope I’m happy with my accomplishments,” the actress told us, “and where I’m at and doing the best that I can.”

8. She would love to play Elizabeth Taylor one day

“I get told all the time that I resemble her, so I’d love to do that,” Newman said.

But she also admitted, “There’s so much I want to do! I want to be a CIA agent, I want to be in politics, I want to be a doctor, all these things. And I’m like ‘No, I can’t do all that stuff so I’m going to act it.’ I just want to play a doctor, I just want to play a CIA agent.”

9. Her favorite TV show on right now is Scandal

“You need to watch Scandal!” Newman exclaimed, when I confessed during our interview that I hadn’t seen it.

“Yeah, I’m a little bit obsessed with it,” she shared.

10. She likes being a normal teenager

When she’s not acting, Newman said she likes hanging out with friends to “watch TV, listen to music, sing, dance, exercise.”

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