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Rihanna and her nipples have debuted once again on Instagram (PHOTOS)

As if the world had never seen Rihanna’s nipples before, here she comes again baring lots of skin in a new Instagram photo.

Back on the Instagram social scene, the unreserved singer was up to her usual stripping ways when she provocatively posed for the camera again. This time she appears in a wet, see-through bra while sitting on a locker room bench with her legs wide open and facing a regular household fan (which looks to be turned off, adding to the photo’s unrealistic factor).

Rihanna’s return to Instagram is not what we were expecting

While the photo in itself is bordering on X-rated, it is nothing new for the “Diamonds” star, who is constantly posing in scandalous ways for both social media and the paps alike. But, while her normal demeanor is full-on sexy with no filter, Rihanna went a bit more clothed when she visited the White House on Monday.

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The Barbados native trotted to Washington, D.C., for a meeting with administration officials to address “a few issues that are critical to our agenda for expanding opportunity, including the My Brother’s Keeper initiative,” an official told The Hill political blog.

Apparently, during meeting breaks, Rihanna found it fun to impersonate Olivia Pope, the character from Scandal, the popular TV show about naughty high-ranking political officials, played by Kerry Washington. The normally scantily clad songstress wore an elegant getup that mirrored Washington’s on-screen fashion as she posed for photos all over the White House grounds.

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In one shot she’s using a pay phone outside the White House gates with one leg bent behind her, her back arched and the caption, “Fitz, darling…” Then, in another photo she is in the White House press room addressing an imaginary audience, and it was captioned with “#heyAbby.”

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