The real Pink Power Ranger just fulfilled an epic dare (VIDEOS)

Nov 11, 2014 at 12:35 p.m. ET
Image: JLN Photography/

The real Pink Power Ranger returned from the '90s and prowled the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, last weekend, but she exchanged her signature martial arts moves for music. What is going on?

Amy Jo Johnson, who originated the role of the Pink Power Ranger in 1993, donned the iconic costume once more to celebrate achieving a huge goal: Gaining enough funding on Indiegogo to make her film The Space Between.

Former costar David Yost, aka the Blue Power Ranger, had proposed the challenge. She explains it in the video below.


Might Morphin Power Rangers dream cast

Johnson took him up on it, obviously, and when she hit her goal of $75,000, she happily rewarded her fans with a very special appearance on the streets of Toronto — joined by a very special guest!


Batman seems very enthusiastic about the situation.…

By the way, if you're really jonesing for more Power Rangers and the old episodes aren't doing it for you, there's a movie reboot coming from Lionsgate, and Johnson told The Verb if offered a role she would "100 percent" do it "in a heartbeat".

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