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Justin Bieber finds out the hard way that crime doesn’t pay, but he has to

Justin Bieber is not going to smile after discovering he has to fork over a rather large chunk of change to his most-hated ex-neighbor!

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The Biebs’ legal troubles have been ongoing, and you may have already lost track of all the incidents he’s been involved in, which range from peeing in a bucket to vandalizing property. If you don’t remember, Bieber caused a stir last year when he decided to egg his former neighbor’s home in their gated Calabasas, California, community. However, the pop star has now discovered crime doesn’t pay — unless you’re the one who is paying!

According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Bieber to hand over $80,000 to his ex-neighbor for all the damage the singer caused during the vandalism.

In addition to the money Bieber will be forced to pay, he also has to undergo 12 anger management classes to keep his temper under control, and he seems to be sticking to the program because he has already completed six classes.

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The pop singer didn’t attend Monday’s hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. However, Bieber’s attorney Shawn Holley told a Los Angeles, California, judge on Monday that the singer will complete community service and anger management courses by the time his case is called again on Feb. 10, 2015. But Bieber will still remain on probation until 2016 after being charged with one misdemeanor count of vandalism stemming from the egging incident that took place last January, TMZ reports.

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In addition to the fine and anger management classes, Bieber has also been ordered to complete five days of community service, the Daily Mail reports. Well, let’s hope Bieber has learned his lesson and that he stays on the straight and narrow now!

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