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If you’re not watching Broad City, you’re missing out. Here’s why

With the release of Broad City Season 2, we thought it was time to make sure you knew just what you were getting into if the hilarious trailer reeled you in. (And it really should.)

We love, love, love the girls of Broad City, but we reckon too many people might not know who they are or what, exactly, the cripplingly hilarious show is about. It’s time to know everything there is to love about Abbi and Ilana.

Falling for Chris Hardwick @Midnight

1) They can tell a dick joke (or they can tell a dozen)

Perhaps the best way to learn about Broad City is to watch the brand-new trailer and laugh your ass off at all the inappropriate jokes.

2) It’s from truly talented comedians

Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer are members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv group based in New York City. Other members of the UCB include Horatio Sanz, Matt Besser, Adam McKay and yes, Amy Poehler.

3) It all started as a sketch

The idea for Broad City started as a sketch for UCB and slowly continued to branch out. It went from a web series and eventually transitioned into one of Comedy Central’s coolest new shows.

4) And, seriously, how often are comedies run by women?

Take a look at the comedies on television, especially cable. It’s still a fairly male-heavy environment. (If you cite New Girl or The Mindy Project, think again. The leads are females, but they’re surrounded by guys.)

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5) The ladies are truly hilarious

Need even more proof that Glazer and Jacobsen are crazy funny? Earlier this year, they appeared as guests/contestants on @Midnight and killed it.

6) It’s the anti-Girls

Ever watch HBO’s Girls and feel completely overwhelmed by their entitlement and how they seem to live the high life without any real, consistent jobs? Broad City is the answer. Abbi and Ilana aren’t bankrolled by super-rich parents. They’re young, poor and struggling to make it in the city they love. In other words, it’s actually relatable.

7) Most girls will feel like Abbi is their spirit animal

Ilana is a bit wild and apathetic to her or anyone else’s struggle, but Abbi is a little more sensitive. She hates her job, but she works hard at it to survive and because she (sort of) understands the importance of a good work ethic. Having a fun-loving friend can be both exciting and difficult for a girl who tries to keep her priorities straight. Even in your late 20s, you’re prone to peer pressure. Abbi is proof of that.

Ready to catch the girls in action? Broad City returns for Season 2 on Comedy Central on Jan. 14.

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