Macaulay Culkin is not dead and he hilariously proves it (PHOTOS)

For the last time, internet, Macaulay Culkin is alive and well.

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The former child star and Home Alone actor has been hit with more online death hoaxes than we can count, but he appears to take them pretty much in stride. And when another set of rumors surfaced over the weekend saying the actor-turned-rock star had died, it was no exception. In fact, Culkin’s response to the hoax was pretty much perfect.

Culkin, who was on tour with his band, the Pizza Underground, in Louisiana, was posting plenty of photos to Instagram over the weekend, so anyone who believed he was dead has no excuse. But, then, Culkin hilariously used his Instagram to address the rumors head-on, in between his usual goofy selfies and shots of the Pizza Underground performing.

In a perfect collision of classic movies, the Home Alone star pranked the ‘net with a couple of photos spoofing the 1989 comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s, where two office dudes try to pretend their murdered boss is still alive by propping his body up and dragging it through the motions of daily life.

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In the first Instagram snap, Culkin is being propped up by his bandmate in a decidedly Bernie-esque way. And in another, he pulls his Bernie pose again on stage during a performance at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Texas Sunday, MTV News reports.

Leave it to the actor who found fame through his elaborate pranks to have the last word in his (most recent) fake death. And, internet, let this be a lesson to you: Before you hit the “share” button on a story about Macaulay Culkin’s death, take a peek at his Instagram, because the rumors probably aren’t true.

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What do you think of Culkin’s response to the latest hoax concerning his death? Funny? Tacky? Tell us your take in the comments!


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