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John Oliver has a fishy way of spending his time off (VIDEO)

John Oliver is taking a break from his show, Last Week Tonight, but that isn’t stopping him from having some fun. Oliver left his audience with something to think about for the next few months — a video montage of celebs being pelted with salmon.

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Oliver started with a news report about a very real salmon cannon created by Whooshh Innovations. The point of the cannon is to help the spawning salmon who “don’t know how rivers work,” according to Oliver. Because of the hydroelectric dam, many of the salmon have trouble returning home.

After watching the beautiful montage of salmon flying from the cannon — to the tune of classical music — Oliver decided to use his own cannon to help some salmon fly, because “a cannon that fires fish through a tube and over a dam is absolutely incredible,” Oliver said.

Oliver has made quite a splash since his show first launched and, this time, he did it for real. The comedian’s cannon pelted some real celebrities with some (not so real) fish. Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon and two soap opera stars were the first victims. Oliver had no problem pelting everyone with fish, including all of his late-night competitors.

Dwight Howard, Michelle Beadle, Seth Meyers, Anderson Cooper, David Letterman, Kelly Ripa and Joel McHale were all pelted with the fake fish, followed by Tom Hanks, J.J. Abrams and even R2-D2!

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“Clearly, this is the greatest object that has ever been invented,” Oliver exclaimed.

And, in the words of Homer Simpson, “Mmmmm salmon.”

Last Week Tonight will return in February 2015. Watch the salmon-pelting video here:

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