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Harry Styles’ attitude about Taylor Swift has done a 180

Harry Styles is one smooth-talking guy. The singer, who is pretty obviously the subject of at least a few of Taylor Swift’s songs, was finally asked about his thoughts on it.

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A friend of One Direction, Ben Winston, asked Styles during a Google Hangout how he feels about his ex writing about their relationship — and Styles’ answer was surprising.

“I think we always say, when we wrote the album, that we write from personal experiences, so it would be hypocritical of us to be like ‘Oh you can’t write a song…'” Styles responded, according to E! News.

In fact, the One Direction singer may have even hinted that he’s a fan of Swift’s, adding, “She’s really good so — they’re good songs. So I’m lucky in that sense.”

Swift promised her new album would be less about past relationships, but the entire thing is actually pretty much about relationships. Her newest video follows Swift through a breakup — and it’s a little scary, to say the least.

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But even though the singer does write about her life experiences, she said her one rule is to never name her past boyfriends in her songs.

“You have more and more people paying attention to what you’re doing and you’ve been doing it the same way your entire career as a songwriter,” she revealed to Good Morning America. “They use kind of you writing songs about your life as a way to play detective and, for me, I have a really strict personal policy that I never name names, so anybody saying that a song is about a specific person is purely speculating.”

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