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Justin Bieber sparks football outrage and it’s awesome

Justin Bieber just can’t win and, now, neither can the Pittsburgh Steelers!

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After feeling the sting of Selena Gomez’s new video, which is obviously directed at him and how terribly he treated her while they were dating, the Biebs is now being targeted by Steelers fans who feel that the pop star has cursed their favorite sports team.

Did the Dalai Lama advise Selena Gomez to ditch Justin Bieber?

The hoopla all started on Saturday night when Bieber decided to attended a Bible study held especially for the Steelers players, according to Entertainment Tonight. Seems innocent enough, right? However, some football followers immediately predicted that Bieber’s appearance at the religious gathering would be no good for the Steelers and their big game against the New York Jets on Sunday. Pro golfer Steve Wheatcroft was especially disturbed by the Bieber-Steelers connection.

Just call those Twitter users Nostradamus, because boy, oh boy, were they right. The Jets bested the Steelers 20-13 in the Sunday morning game and that’s when the social media hilarity ensued. Pittsburgh may be upset that their team is cursed, but they can take some solace in the fact that their fans have got some jokes.

Wheatcroft was so upset by his prediction coming to fruition that he announced he would be leaving the PGA to track Bieber and exact vengeance.

And then there were the fans who were all about love, despite their loss.

In a time where cyberbullying and social media hate have gotten out of control, this is the kind of internet hazing we like to see.

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