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Our theory on Mary-Kate Olsen’s ‘new look’ — and it’s not plastic surgery

Mary-Kate Olsen appeared on the red carpet looking decidedly different from her twin Ashley, leading some to speculate she’s had plastic surgery. Here’s why we think that’s bull.

The photo that sparked the speculation was taken last week at the 2014 World of Children Awards, where the sisters struck their usual pose: side by side, turned in toward each other, lips slightly pursed like they’re saying “Prune” (which they totally do when being photographed, FYI). You can see it over at ExtraTV.

In the shots, Mary-Kate does kinda resemble Jessica Biel, especially along the jawline — and that’s what got tongues wagging.

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ExtraTV compared the photo with one of the sisters looking much more like the women we’ve grown up knowing and loving, with a definite “did she or didn’t she?” vibe to their brief coverage. The Daily Mail says they “now look incredibly different,” and Twitter is blowing up with fans dismayed that the former child star-turned-fashion designer went under the knife.

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Now first of all, that’s just harsh. And second of all, we’re pretty sure Mary-Kate has done absolutely nothing to her face. Here’s why.

1. She and Ashley are fraternal twins, not identical twins. Although they generally bear a very strong resemblance to each other, expecting them to look exactly the same all the time is unrealistic.

2. Eyebrows. In earlier photos her eyebrows were bushier, like Ashley’s. In this one they’ve been shaped and trimmed considerably, which any makeup artist will tell you makes a huge difference in the appearance of the shape of the face.

3. She’s barely wearing any makeup. The sisters often wear a semi-smoky look to play up their gorgeous green eyes, but Mary-Kate looks like she is maybe wearing a little mascara here, if anything at all.

4. That hair. Admittedly not a great look for Mary-Kate, but it does help explain why her jawline looks more prominent than usual. When her hair is pulled forward it helps soften her jaw and chin, but when it is pulled back so severely they stand out more than we’re used to.

5. Mary-Kate was spotted in a similar look in October, but no one said anything then. Which leads us to believe that this issue is more a matter of a bad angle and unflattering lighting more than anything.

So there you have it: She’s the same Mary-Kate she has always been. We’re not loving her super low-maintenance look, but she has the right to rock any look she wants without being mocked for it. Just ask Renee Zellweger.

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