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INTERVIEW: 10 Things about Meghan Trainor you never knew

You know all the lyrics to “All About That Bass,” but how well do you know the sassy blond girl behind the lyrics?

SheKnows sat down for a quick chat with everyone’s favorite feminist Meghan Trainor at Live in the Vineyard to get to know the new pop star a little more. We even learned one big secret about her “All About That Bass” video and her current pet situation. Dying to know? Keep reading!

What’s her favorite thing to do when she’s not working?

“Watch TV on the couch and not move my body,” Trainor teased.

Her favorite show?

Modern Family, right now.”

And her favorite movie?

“I’m gonna go with Beaches.”

What makes her cry?

“Leaving my family,” Trainor shared. “Goodbye at airports… it kills me. I wrote a song about it! ‘No one says goodbye like airport lovers do.’ That was the line.”

Pick one: Cats or dogs?

“I just got into cats,” Trainor divulged. “I have two kittens. When they’re not you’re cats, they’re just mean. But I got one and now they’re like, ‘Mama!'”

Who’s her celebrity crush?

“I dunno,” Trainor admitted. “Zac Efron’s pretty good.”

What’s the first thought she has when she wakes up in the morning?

“‘What am I doing today? Where the hell am I going?'” she teased. “Then it’s like, ‘When am I going to eat? When is my next meal?'”

Does she have a go-to karaoke song?

“‘Single Ladies,'” Trainor said.

Who would she most like to collaborate with?

“T-Pain!” Trainor exclaimed without hesitation.

Something fans don’t know about her…

“I don’t wear pastel colors,” Trainor said, referencing her “All About That Bass” music video. “I wear dark colors. I try to look like a cool, young, blond Rihanna.”

No pastels?! What about that “All About That Bass” video? It turns out it was all just a part of the stunt and not a wardrobe choice she’d choose on a regular basis. Oh, the things we do in the name of our art. Now that you know more about Meghan Trainor, it’s cool to admit your undying crush on her.

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