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4 Best moments from The Newsroom Season 3 premiere

The Newsroom‘s Season 3 premiere was centered around the Boston Marathon bombings of last year, which worked as the perfect backdrop to show us how much some characters have changed between seasons.

Some things remain the same, though: Alison Pill still gets the best name placement in the opening credits (she gets the Brooklyn Bridge while Sam Waterston gets his name next to a plate of pastries), Charlie is still hot (hey, the heart wants what it wants), the show’s credits font is still dangerously close to Calibri and the team at ACN is still persevering in their quest to deliver the news in place of “good TV.”

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As Christmas is coming, allow us to gift you with the highlight reel that ensued from some things staying the same and some things changing in Sunday night’s episode.

A little ditty about Mac and Diane

It turns out, Mac and Diane Sawyer are BFFs. OK, so they probably don’t have half a heart necklace each, but Mac’s desire for Diane Sawyer to take a spot on her team of bridesmaids suggests they have bonded over more than just their mutual penchant for investigative reporting. This revelation means we’re going to need answers to these two questions: What kind of bachelorette party does Diane Sawyer like to plan and how do we get ourselves invited to it?

In other bridal party news, Charlie will act as Will’s best man, and I’m going to need there to be a wedding scene purely so I can see what bow tie choice Charlie goes with for the big event.

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Maggie has her moment in the sun/the camera lens

I know, I know: The big question on everyone’s lips going into this episode was about what kind of hairstyle Maggie would be rocking. I’m pleased as peroxide to report that Maggie has ditched that fun little ‘do she tried out post the Africa trauma of last season and has returned to blond locks, which she appears to be growing out.

Beyond her positive hair news and our assumption that she now has rock-hard abs following that gym session we were treated to way too much of, Maggie had a veritable work-related victory in this episode. After being sent to Boston with Elliot, and following Elliot’s inability to go on live TV after an incident with a bunch of walnuts, Maggie steps in to perform the live cross. And what a wonderful live cross it was.

Armed with a pair of spectacles I don’t believe I’ve seen her sport before and wearing a dress of Mac’s that comes with a contingency plan should it suffer the indignity of a stain, Maggie slays the live cross. To be fair, what she was wearing had absolutely nothing to do with her taking that live cross and making it her bitch, but if you’re asking us if we wholeheartedly endorse her donning specs from now on and sticking to items exclusively from Mac’s wardrobe? We do.

Sloan is still as brilliant and hilarious as ever

During Sunday night’s episode, Sloan acquired some form of “Bloomberg terminal,” and although I actually have no idea what it does, judging by Sloan’s unabashed enthusiasm for the contraption, I can only surmise that it’s the equivalent of porn for finance nerds. Somehow, the BT helps Sloan to figure out that Danny Castellano Reese Lansing is on his way to being the victim of a hostile takeover. And while we know the chances are nonexistent, we are still holding out hope that Mindy Lahiri is at the center of this hostile takeover. That’s totally something she would do, right?

Sloan also had some cute moments with Don in this episode. Through their banter, we were treated to Sloan’s genuine belief that “very often, [the New York Times crossword creators] put the wrong number of boxes in to house the correct word,” and Sloan revealed her ability to accept shortcomings in a romantic partner with this quote: “I don’t mind that you’re dumb, and, Don, I mean that.”

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Rebecca Halliday will be making a triumphant return

Do we find it a little odd that, in previous seasons, Neal has been hot on the tail of bigfoot, and now he’s inadvertently conspiring to commit espionage? Yes, we do. Do we care? No, we don’t, because this all-new Neal (we’re trademarking it) means he is going to need a good lawyer. That loud noise you can hear right now is the sound of us hooting and hollering at the prospect of Marcia Gay Harden’s return to the show as the LOL-inducing legal powerhouse (and self-confessed “liquid sex”), Rebecca Halliday. Thanks so much for this, Neal! We owe you, buddy!

Did you watch The Newsroom‘s season premiere? What were your thoughts? In the spirit of citizen journalism, let us know in the comments below!

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